Founding of the New Nordic Karate Federation

The first Nordic Championships were held Gothenburg, Sweden in 1973. Twenty five years later, on the 11th of April 2008, the Nordic Karate Federation was established in Reykjavik, Iceland.

2008-04-11 Bildande av NKF

From the left Reinhard Reinhardsson, President Iceland, Urban Andersson, President Sweden, Aansi Kaltevo, Vice President Finland, Kjell Sivertsen, President Norway, Kim Bömert President Denmark, Aleksandr Zokov Board Member Estonia


During the last two years six Karate Federations have been working with the goal of starting a Federation for the Nordic and Baltic countries. Representatives from Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Denmark passed the proposal and approved the statutes of the new Federation. The approved statutes regulate also the preparation, organization and responsibilities of the Nordic Karate Championships. It is the intention of the Federation to invite Latvia and Lithuania to join the Nordic Co-operation.It was decided to create a home page in order to have information about the Nordic Championships and other matters available for the public in general.

The next Nordic Championships will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 18th of April 2009.