Minutes NKF congres att Tampere


Rrepresentatives in Tampere att the Nordic Championships 2018 WKF karate 


Mr. Urban Andersson, President, Sweden.

Mr. Reinhard Reinhardsson, President, Iceland.

Mr. Vidmantas Butnovius, Vice President, Lithuania.

Mr. Lauri Mengel, Chairman of the Board, Estonia

Mr. Hannu Mänty, Vice President, Finland.

Mrs. Anne Handa, Representative from Norway.

Mrs. Santa Drozdova, Representative from Latvia.

Mr. Allan Kjaersgaard, Sport Director, Denmark.

Mr. Anssi Kaltevo, Sport Director, Finland.

Mr. Robert Hamara, Referee Commission NC.

Mr. Javier Escalante, Sweden.


Member Federations President’s report

It was noted that together the Nordic Federations have 64 000 athletes and 756 clubs.


Proposition from the NKF Referee Commission
It was approved that the RC and the Candidates attending the Referee Course are not counted as part of the quota of max.10 Referees per country attending the Championships.


Proposition from the Danish Karate Federation

It was decided to lower the age limit for Nordic Referees from 25 to 22 years.


NC Organizers report

It was noticed that at this Championships all 8 Nordic countries are participating. The number of entries is 296 entries and the Championships wwill run on 4 Tatamis.


Referee Commission report, Mr Robert Hamara

For this year's Championships there are 52 Referees, two less than last years. 13 officials per tatami. Nine Candidates will attend the examination and some more for renewal. Santa Drozdova from Latvia asked for the expired date in the list of the Nordic Referees. It was decided to put up the expired date on the Nordic webpage and to change from 3 to 4 years for renewing the license.


Review and approval/signing of NKF Statutes

Mr. Urban Andersson was given the task of introducing all the approved amendments to the Statutes and to send the new version to all Nordic Presidents for review.


Junior European Championships, 6th – 10th February, Aalborg, Denmark

Mr. Alan Kjaersgaard reminded of the deadline for registration and hotel bookings.The organisation is at its top and Denmark is working hard with the organization of the Championhips.


Presentation of the NC 2019, 23th november in Lithuania

Mr. Vidmantas Butnovius from Lithuania announced that the 2019 Nordic Championships will be in the town of Kaunas. The closes airport will be in Vilnius, about 92 km. (57 miles) away.