Three medals in Youth League Sofia 2018


Willian Tran Sweden kata male U14

Good start in the Karate 1 Youth League - Sofia 2018, in which the Nordic countries could not miss. Much of the attention of the tournament was set on the junior categories. The competitors in junior Kumite categories clashed to get the points which may eventually grant them the qualification for the upcoming Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

The event broke all participation records since 1900 young karatekas from 73 countries gathered at the inaugural Karate 1-Youth League event thus confirming the popularity of Karate among youngsters.

Finland, Sweden and Denmark were the ones who won the medals. Bjorn Kulovuori junior kumite male +76 Finland first gold, Willian Tran kata male U14 Sweden the second gold and silver was for the Danish Erika Batakujevic cadet kumite female -54


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