Kalvis gave the bronze to Latvia


 53rd EKF Senior Championships Novi Sad 2018

The only medal of this European championship was won by the Latvian competitor KALNINS KALVIS in the kumite category of -60. The bronze medal was won in the match against the Slovak competitor Dominik which defeated with the result of 2-0.

Close to the medals were also the competitor of Latvia SADIKOVS RUSLANS and the competitor of Norway ALSTADSAETHER BETTINA.
Ruslans competed in the category of kumite -75 in which he lost the medal with the potent italian competitor BUSA.
Bettina in the category of -61 had a very close match 2-2, lost the medal by decision.

All Scandinavian countries had some competitors among the top ten, which is a good result.




Latvia got the bronze medal, the athlete Mārtiņš Vizulis, got it in the category of Blind & Visually Impaired.