Nordic Karate - NKF Executive Committee meeting in Tampere

NKF Executive Committee meeting in Tampere

Nordic Karate Federation Executive Commeetee meeting will take place in HQ hotel Ilves on Friday 15 april 2011 at 20:00 - 21:00.

Agenda for the meeting NKF EC in Tampere

Delegates attending NKF EC meeting in Tampere:

  • Mr. Jyri E. Pold - General Secretary of the Estonian Karate Federation
  • Mr. Kari Koskinen - President of the Finnish Karate Federation
  • Mr. Reinhard Reinhardsson - President of the Iceland Karate Federation
  • Mr. Odd Arne Hagen - V-ce President of the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation Karate Section
  • Mr. Urban Andersson - President of the Swedish Karate Federation


  • Mr. Javier Escalante - Chief Referee of the Nordic Karate Championships
  • Mr. Robert Hamara - Webmaster