NKF Executive Committee meeting in Tampere

Nordic Karate Federation Executive Commeetee meeting will take place in HQ hotel Ilves on Friday 15 april 2011 at 20:00 - 21:00.

Agenda for the meeting NKF EC in Tampere

Delegates attending NKF EC meeting in Tampere:

  • Mr. Jyri E. Pold - General Secretary of the Estonian Karate Federation
  • Mr. Kari Koskinen - President of the Finnish Karate Federation
  • Mr. Reinhard Reinhardsson - President of the Iceland Karate Federation
  • Mr. Odd Arne Hagen - V-ce President of the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation Karate Section
  • Mr. Urban Andersson - President of the Swedish Karate Federation


  • Mr. Javier Escalante - Chief Referee of the Nordic Karate Championships
  • Mr. Robert Hamara - Webmaster www.nordickarate.net